22 May 2014

ArenaDaemon, SDKs to integrate cross-platform chat and multiplayer for free!

New opportunity for games and apps developers.ArenaDaemon is an italian technological platform created for developers, that enables them to download complete SDKs to integrate chat, multiplayer cross-platform, and use an ADV module to best monetize advertising spaces.

The three modules are independent from each other.
Whoever wishes to create a game can integrate the multiplayer that enables iOS and Android users to play between them, or can chose to cross-platform integrate only the charts.
The cross-platform chat module of ArenaDaemon offers advanced functions and can lead to a consistent increase in traffic, since it improves the user’s retention and his/her use of the app to chat with friends or ask for App assistance.

The adv module of ArenaDaemon will soon be directly integrated in the SDK of MakeItApp, in order to make the use of the platform even easier and to increase the profits from advertising!

These SDKs allow the largest personalization of the various modules and, thanks to the given documentation, their integration is very easy. At the moment there are SDKs for iOS and Android, but soon those for Windows Phone and Unity will be added.

These services enable you to realize your ideas in an even easier way!
What are you waiting for? Start your project here!


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