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Makeitapp is the first Social Collaborative Network where People Create Apps Together. Our core focus is making it easy to build and monetize mobile Apps, driven by a passionate network of talents that work together.

How we work

Our team is small but ambitious; the environment is relaxed and fun. As an early member of our team you will have the opportunity to make a huge impact. Besides the technical skills, we are most interested in you as a person. We are creating a new market and we need you to do that!

We are Agile animals. We love face-to-face communication and one-week sprints to validate our hypothesis. Scrum, Kanban and Post-it are our tools. You will be part of a self-organized team that generates value directly to the market.

Backend Engineer, design all stuff for Apps!

You are a software designer that is truly passionate about creating scalable solutions and solving back-end problems. You will have the opportunity to experiment and develop with technologies like MongoDB, AWS, Node.js and PHP. To apply, send us an email:

Frontend Developer, create collaborative tools!

You think like an End User. You develop all user interfaces of MakeItApp. JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, PHP, CSS3 and HTML5 will be your companion in this journey. You have great attention to details and passion for usability and beauty. To apply, send us an email:

UX Designer, design the journey of our users.

MakeItApp is looking for a designer truly passionate about imagining the future around user experiences and visual design. You know how to design world-class masterpieces, improve UI elements around every single pixel, you have strong sketching skills, excellent use of typography, outstanding sense of color and details are your food. You know how to translate these concepts in HTML5 and CSS3. To apply, send us an email:

iOS Developer

Are you a talented iOS Developer, who loves producing beautiful apps together with great designer and illustrators? If you have answered yes then we have the role for you! You will develop great games and funny applications integrating all MakeItApp Backend features. You will develop MakeItApp iOS SDKs for the MakeItApp community developers. Objective-C, Unity3D and XCode will be your companion. To apply, send us an email:

Android Developer

Is Java your language.? Do you love programming Apps? This position is for you! You will develop Android apps in team with great designers and content experts. You will develop Android SDKs for the MakeItApp community developers. To apply, send us an email:

Mobile HTML5 Developer

Titanium Appcelerator, Cordova, Sencha Touch are yours technologies? This position is for you. We are looking for a smart developer that loves the new challenges offered by HTML5 mobile technologies. You will work with all other mobile developers on the SDKs for the MakeItApp community developers. To apply, send us an email:

Digital and social network smart marketers

Are you passionate about social network? You will promote MakeItApp Apps and MakeItApp platform to all social community. You will analyze social data and discover new trends. Your mission is to move MakeItApp and its social community to the next level!  To apply, send us an email:

Working location: center of Milan.

Are you interested?!


Send your CV with a cover letter to