File and Storage

Do you need to manage Data and Files from far away? You don't have to worry about creating and managing your own server anymore. The MakeItApp BaaS is available to every team and offers the possibility to manage your own Data Collections. It is possible to add Custom Properties such as strings, booleans, numbers, dates, arrays and objects. MakeItApp also offers a handy storage for files on Amazon S3.

SDK in just one minute!

Once your Data Collections and Files have been configured, you can work on them using direct REST calls. Easy. Your server is ready and working fine, so there are no more problems with downloading or scaling and no more security problems. Now you are free to concentrate on creating your app. The API offers CRUD operations in JSON format or you can easily integrate the BaaS into your app using the SDK for iOS, Android and Windows - fast and simple.

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User Registration

The MakeItApp BaaS offers many extra services to make the development of your app easier and faster. One of the most interesting services is the User Registration. The BaaS offers an ad hoc collection to manage users and the SDK offers pre-written pages for Login and Registration. MakeItApp also takes care of services such as Forgotten E-Mail or Password Retrieval and ACL for Files and Data.

Push Notifications

Do you need Push Notifications for reminders, promotion, messages or anything else? The MakeItApp BaaS also offers you this service! Let your imagination go wild and come up with thousands of ways to use Push Notifications - just make sure not to drive your users crazy!

Events and Cron

You want more? Create Events with the CRUD Operations: you can add server side logics in the Collections: Data, Files and Push Notifications. With events, for example, you can create chats with push-up notifications in a few minutes! You can also build temporary logical server side. You no longer have an excuse for not developing your app!

CMS for everyone!

The MakeItApp BaaS has two interfaces: the Data Modeler, where you can configure Collections, Property, Events and other services and the Data Entry (CMS) which simplifies the management and creation of Events and Files. The Data Entry is good for making your non tech-literate team members able to work on the Database, or you can develop a business model that is based on Data Entry: a Management system for restaurants, Evening Event Apps and much more!

In-App Purchases Validation

The piracy on In-App Purchases is around 80%. With our purchase validation service every fraud attempt will be blocked and you can rest assured that all your revenues are safe!