Backend as a Service

Need to store App data on the server? Your REST backend is ready with just a few clicks! Just define the data model with the easy user interface and the BaaS will expose it with a JSON REST API. We provide iOS, Android and Windows SDK to make the development of your app faster and easier. You don’t need to set up a server or pay for a third-party cloud service. The MakeItApp BaaS is there for you and for free!

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Push Notifications, User Login and much more...

The MakeItApp BaaS will provide your app powerful services in terms of server : Push Notifications, UserLogin, in-App Purchase validation, Data and File Storage, CMS to manage your Data, Events and Cron. iOS, Android and Windows SDK are available for free!

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Advertising Network

Advertising is a good way to monetize apps. It's really important to choose the right network and have regular updates in order to maximise the revenues. This is why MakeItApp provides each app with its AD network that allows direct AD campaigns for each app. We’re here to check for your updates and help you make the most out of your app, so you can focus on new projects!

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App Analytics

Constantly Monitor your App to improve it. You can check when the application is used with our analytics: how many single users the app has at a given time, how much time a user spends on your app. You can also add your metrics with a simple SDK! MakeItApp gives you access to this tool for free!

GIT Repository

Store your source code on our repository. Our server is based on GitLab. You will have access to your repository using ssh. An easy way to integrate it with xCode and Android Studio