Suggestions of SDKs e APIs to create successful Apps

On this page we have created a list of SDKs and APIs that you can easily use to create your App.


Daviom API free to develop apps with MakeItApp

Daviom Gears is the new API service provided by Daviom Data that gives you access to the entire Italian (and soon European) database of the companies legal and financial information.

You can look for a business through any keyword, including geographical coordinates. APIs were constructed keeping in mind the rapidity of deployment and integration ease.

Through specific tags the Deviom Gears APIs will the following information for you:

1) companies: research in the entire database for specific companies
2) financial-statements: list of all the companies financial statements available
3) products: list of all the available products and relative points
4) orders: list of the orders made through APIs and the points used
5) accounts: information about your own account, status and limitation
6) partner-program-orders: list of the orders made by users subscribed to the partner program

Daviom Gears provides free APIs that you can integrate in the successful apps you create on MakeItApp!
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