Who is coordinating creative teams?

On MakeItApp everyone is taking advantage of his best expertise, and everyone contributes to the creation of a single idea. It 's important, however, that someone coordinates the work of the team to achieve better results and to optimizes resources used and keep track of the time. If you are familiar with apps, you're the right person for this role. What are you waiting? Register and take a look at the projects today.


You are free to choose

You pick the team you want to work with and you decide the project to join. Build up a team of experts and talend, then lead it to success. Work you do for an app is an investment for life: you will always be guaranteed the agreed percentage of total revenue.

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A handy and dynamic environment

MakeItApp provides you with the practical tools to better coordinate your team. A Wiki for the project to share ideas and commitment, as well finished aspects of the app, an issues tracker to easily handle all the problems that separate the app from the store. Register with MakeItApp today, the platform where the best apps are produced!