Talents and Project Leaders

MakeItApp is the first mobile platform where people can create Apps together, with no initial investment and revenue sharing when a project is completed. “Talents” in Makeitapp can be: designers, developers, project managers, sound designers, experts in any industry and many others. Anyone can come up with a project and immediately become the Project Leader of the app. The Project Leader selects the talents he wants to work with and manages the team to develop a successful app.


Submit your own idea

Project Leaders can find submission forms online: they help sketching out the idea. Then an App Angel will assist the Project Leader: they will work together to define the project in detail, including the target market and what other team members will be needed. Once the project is ready, it will be shared with the community of Talents that can choose to join the Team.


Build your team

It’s time to build your team now! You can invite any Talent you need and any Talent can apply to work on your project. You can hand pick your team mates evaluating their reputation score. Talents and Project Leaders negotiate the percentage of future revenues that each member will receive. There is no upfront cost, only revenue sharing!


What does MakeItApp do?

MakeItApp provides each Teams with a dynamic work environment, packed with powerful support tools such as Wikis, Baas, Analytics, Git and many others. Once the app is released in the Store, MakeItApp is in charge of promotion and marketing allowing the team to focus on what it enjoys most: creating new apps!


Revenue Sharing

MakeItApp looks after reporting revenues and monthly distribution of the income. MakeItApp takes 30% of revenues and 70% is redistributed among the team members according to the percentages agreed upon. What are you waiting for? Start your project now!

Get started!