FAQ – General

MakeItApp is a social network that develops and publishes apps. On the MakeItApp platform users can meet and build teams to work on projects together, developing an app. Once registered, you can login and fill in your profile information, including your expertise. You can then start your own project or apply to join a team. MakeItApp will provide you with all the tools you need for relations and team building, project management, development, sales, marketing and many more.

The Teams grant MakeItApp the right to manage the finished Apps in terms of Marketing and Promotion. MakeItApp hence, takes care of selling the Apps. The Team gets 70% of the revenues and MakeItApp keeps 30%. The same percentages are calculated on the revenue generated by advertising inside the app.

MakeItApp only earns success fees: the teams and their members do not pay any fixed fee.

On MakeItApp (MIA) you don’t invest any money for developing or marketing your app. The other Talents inside the community will help your with your project and you will reach your goals together. You will then share the revenue generated by your apps with your team members and with MakeItApp.

It’s up to you: you can invest money in a software house that will realize the app for you, and later you will most likely spend money promotion. And everything is at your own risks. If you believe you have the material and economic strength to develop, promote and monetize your app, then a software house can be a good choice for you.

We can offer you an alternative: on the MakeItApp platform you can build your own team and thus have the expertise you need to create your app. You will find very motivated collaborators who will believe in your project as much as you do. You don’t have to invest any money and hence, don’t have anything at stake. In addition, you don’t have to worry about learning certain aspects of app development or finding the most suitable tools, because MakeItApp’s services and expertise are made available to you!

Everyone can register on MakeItApp. It’s free.

Once you are registered, you can update your profile, adding your skills and expertise for other users to see.

Then you can start looking for open positions on projects that you would like to work on, or you can start working on your own idea, by creating a new project.

If you decide to join a team to work on someone else’s project, you apply for the open position on the team and negotiate the percentage of total revenue you will receive once the app has been released.

If you decide to start your own project, you will have to write an outline, publish open positions and find other users in the community who are willing to work with you on the project. You can select the members of your team, by browsing profiles, looking at specific fields of expertise and experience. Once you have published your idea, you can decide if you want to share it in details with the entire MakeItApp community, or with just a few members.

Whoever submits the idea for an app becomes the Project Leader. Anyone who wants to join the team and participate in the project will negotiate with the Project Leader his/her percentage of the revenue share. For instance, the Team can agree to give 30% to the developer, 30% to the graphic designer, 10% to the tester and 30% to the Project Leader. MakeItApp will always take 30% of the total revenue for providing marketing and promotion.

Every Team can count on the support of an App Angel, an expert of the app world. The App Angel’s support is free of charge.

When the app is ready, MakeItApp will sell it in the relevant online stores and will launch a promotional campaign.

Each user can check trends and sales from their apps: you always know how much you earn from each app.

On the MakeItApp Platform you can decide which projects you want to work on and which Teams you want to join. It gives you maximum freedom on what you want to work on, as well as the possibility to work with highly-motivated team members, who strongly believe in the potential and success of the project. Moreover, the MakeItApp platform enables you to earn money working whenever you want, wherever you want.

If you are a developer, in particular, the variety and quantity of the projects on MakeItApp allows you in some cases to re-use the same code for different apps, maximizing your profit.

The ideas published on MakeItApp are not visible to external visitors, but only by users, who sign a contract upon registration accepting not to spread any idea published on MakeItApp outside of the platform.

Also remember that the property of an idea is a very complex concept and very often the difference for an app is made by many other factors. (For example, thinking about a game where some birds are thrown against some pigs is one thing, developing Angry Birds is another.)

Not at all! MakeItApp is a free, open and meritocratic space, where whoever has a valid idea but no IT experience can realize a successful app with the expertise of others. Every Project Leader (and thus every team) can count on the support of the App Angel to answer questions and clarify doubts. If you have an idea, all you have to do is click on Start, describe the project and send it to us: MakeItApp will lead you through all the next steps.