Did you app have as much success has expected?

Don't worry, it's normal. Everyone believes that after releasing an app in the store work is over and it will result in money and glory. But it's far from reality: an app by itself is invisible in the store. Promotion and marketing are two key activities that make your app a success. However, they're both hard and time-consuming. MakeItApp will handle them so you are free to work on your next big idea and do what you love most: designing apps!

United we stand

MakeItApp is acting as a publishing house. Apps on MakeItApp are never alone: every app brings visibility to all the other ones and any app displays other ones. In MakeItApp united we stand to achieve success!

Quality Updates

Updates are a key element for Apps. An App must constantly be kept up to date and improved: every update is an opportunity to get specialized sites, blogs and people to talk about it. On MakeItApp creating an update is made easy for you: All the skills needed to grow your app are at your disposal in the dense community of Talents on the platform: new contents, new graphics, improvements in coding. Get the best Talents on your team and make your app a success!


Timely and accurate information

Via MakeItApp you have access to real-time comprehensive statistics about your users' behavior thanks to the tools provided for free, such as Baas, Analytics and Crash Report. With these it is easy to take action, to solve problems, as well as to plan new updates and strategic improvements. Be aware of what users do, register with MakeItApp and make your app the best it can be!


No Costs!

Joining our community is free. And on MakeItApp all projects will be published and supported for free - only when revenues start coming in MakeItApp will take 30% of the total revenue generated by the app. The other 70% are shared between all team members, based on the percentages agreed upon at the beginning of the project. Easy.

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