Graphic & UX Designer

On the online stores nowadays you will find a countless number of Apps, many of which seem to be the same thing. Outstanding Apps must...

  • realized with engaging interfaces for users./li>
  • ...easily communicate what they can do for the users.
  • ...provide simplicity and ease.
Hence, the work and contribution of interaction designers, graphic designers and illustrators, are one of the most important and basic elements for the success of any app. Register with MakeItApp today (it's free), find the projects that need your help and start designing the next app sensation! What are you waiting for?


You choose!

At MakeItApp you choose which projects to work on and which other users to work with. It's your decision and your choice! How does that sound?

Marketing that works!

Marketing is an essential part of making an app known and successful. After having created an outstanding app with your team, MakeItApp will take care of marketing and promotion for you so that you can do what you do best: design!

Income is forever!

You get paid a percentage of the total revenue generated by the app that you helped develop. There is no initial investment and no hidden costs!

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