Let your App come true!!!

How many times have you dreamed about a great App, but you didn't know where to start and someone told you that it would cost too much, or that it's impossible to do, making you abandon the idea? Just to find out that someone else did it? Now you can do it, and for free! Just register on MakeItApp and start publishing your project today!


Quick and Easy

Once registered with MakeItApp, finding a team to work on your project is easy. Just:
1) describe the App;
2) choose the Talents for your team;
3) develop your App together with your team;
4) publish the App in the Stores with MakeItApp!
5) start to earn and ...
6) ...think about the next one!


The Team

Your Team is the driving force of the project. Once your project has been planned, you can start building your team: Other Talents (developers, designers registered on MakeItApp) can read about your idea and can apply for open positions on the Team. You can browse their profiles and their skills, in order to put together a highly-motivated Team to build your App and share the revenues. MakeItApp provides your Team with tools to manage the project- working together has never been easier!

The Talents!

The App Angel

MakeItApp supports you every step of the way. One of our experts, an "App Angel”, will give you advice and suggestions on how to plan and execute your project - always for FREE. For example, the App Angel will help you understand the skills you have to look for among the Talents and how to build your Team. S/he will also help you plan the initial outline of your project and finish it. In short, the App Angel will clarify any doubts and will give you all the support and advice you need.

Marketing and Communication

To have the App developed is the first step towards success. There are millions of other Apps out there and competition is everywhere. Hence, your App needs to be visible in the Store and needs to be featured on relevant websites and blogs, to make consumers aware of the App. Creating a successful App is a very important part of the job and MakeItApp takes care of the promotion, media relations and advertising of your App for you.

An Innovative Business Model

The MakeItApp model is simple: no initial costs, only shared revenues. Only when the App starts generating revenue, these revenues are shared between the Team that built the App and the MakeItApp platform. The Team members earn 70% of the revenues, the remaining 30% goes to MakeItApp. Simple, clear and effective!