Are you a developer?

Anyone can think of an App, but you are the only one who knows how to develop it! Your expertise is necessary and crucial for all projects realized on MakeItApp. You can generate a steady income on MakeItApp using your coding skills. You can work on the projects you like - where you want and when you want. What are you waiting for? Register and take a look at the projects now!


You are free to choose

At MakeItApp you choose who to collaborate with and which projects you join. Once you have selected the projects you like best, you can show your skills and decide how and when to code. Are you ready for the challenge?

Do what you do best!

MakeItApp will work on communication and marketing once the app is ready to be released, and other team members will take care of other aspects of the app, for example content or translation. You only work on the topic that you like: coding! What's not to love?


Reuse your code

There are many Projects on MakeItApp: the code you've written to develop an app can be reused for another similar idea. Like that your efforts will pay off very quickly! Interested?

Income is forever...

You don't get paid for the code that you write, but you are paid a percentage of the total revenue generated by the app that you helped develop.

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